Growing the worldwide poker community for philanthropy

Charities We Have Partnered With

One Drop

The Triton Million for Charity event tournament in London raised an incredible £2,700,000, and 15% of that was donated to the One Drop Foundation. Created in 2007 by famed Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte’, One Drop aims to ensure sustainable access to safe water and sanitation in the world’s most vulnerable communities through innovative partnerships, creativity and the power of art.

Caritas Macau

Macau was where Triton all began, and one of the brand’s core missions is to give back to the local Macau communities. Established all the way back in the early 1950s, Caritas Macau has been a consistent beneficiary of Triton Poker’s success. And through 70 years, Fr. Luis Ruiz Suarez’s organization grew to all types of demands, including periods proving food and support to the poor and homeless elderly, addressing problems with child labour, and general social work.

Raising for Effective Giving (REG)

Raising for Effective Giving was one of the biggest benefactors from the Triton Million for Charity in London. Founded by prominent poker pros such as Liv Boeree, Igor Kurganov, Phil Gruissem and Stefan Huber, REG seeks to apply the kind of logic and reason that has made its founders top poker players to the world of philanthropy. It specifically seeks charitable endeavours that are proven to be the most effective – sometimes looking in stark and emotionless detail at things like the number of lives that can be saved per dollar of donation.


Triton’s mission is to grow the poker community while having a significant philanthropical impact worldwide, with various charities including the One Drop Foundation, Raising for Effective Giving (REG), and Healthy Hong Kong all benefiting from our growth.

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